Private Property Initial Damage Assessment Procedure

Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management officials are requesting damages to private property due to recent flooding.

All property owners in Polk County who sustained flood damage to their private property from April 22, 2022, to present, are asked to complete a damage assessment survey by no later than Friday, July 15th.

The worst of the flooding damages during this time period occurred in the cities of Crookston, Fisher and East Grand Forks, however flooding also affected many other areas throughout Polk County.

Damages must be to primary homes (non-agricultural).  Damage must be in an essential living space. FEMA’s definition of an essential living space is as follows: “a room within a home that serves the function of a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and/or living room that is regularly occupied or used by one or more members of the household and requires repair to bring its functionality back to the home.” You are also requested to list any damages to privately owned driveways, roads, bridges, wells, and septic tanks.

It has not yet been determined if federal assistance will be made available to private property owners.  People are asked to complete the survey should assistance be made available.

Please fill out the form by clicking this link Initial Damage Assessment Form. After filling out the form please save to your computer and send as an attachment via email or fax it to 218-281-6093.

Jody Beauchane, Polk County Emergency Manager