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MOVE.POLK COUNTY is back in action!  

Join us, not just to walk but to MOVE towards a healthier lifestyle this summer. 

 We officially kick-of Wednesday, July 14th. 

Move. Polk County encourages all type of movement and activity. Walking, gardening, biking, kayaking, and everyday chores! Simply mark each square on your map for every 30 minutes of activity completed. I have attached the 2021 brochure and MPC map to get you started. Prizes will be drawn bi-weekly as well as a final prize drawing.

We will be providing weekly motivational emails to keep you moving and will also be highlighting trails throughout Polk County again this year. If you would like to participate in emails this summer, please fill out the
 Move.Polk County survey.

Just 30 minutes of activity per day can help reduce stress, increase energy, boost mood, improve sleep, maintain a healthy body weight and build healthy muscles.

We look forward to watching the maps roll in! 

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