Youth Advisory Board (YAB)

The Polk Norman Mahnomen CHB Vision Statement is: 

Communities where all people achieve their optimum health potential.

Youth 0-17 years of age make up 24°/o of Polk County’s population (Us census Bureau, 2018).

As a youth-serving organization, Public Health values input from local youth. Their valuable insights and feedback are required from some funders to assess needs and implement applicable health services.

-In 2018 The Polk County Board of Commissioners approved the formation of a Youth Advisory Board (YAB) under Polk County Public Health (PCPH). This is a permanent Youth Advisory Board under Polk County Public Health which currently has 9 members representing high schools from throughout Polk County.

The YAB will provide a vehicle for young people in Polk County to become involved in governmental public health services, merging civic engagement and leadership development for high school students. By engaging youth in our agency’s policies, practices and procedures, we bring new energy, information and knowledge into our mission-based work through youth targeted, age and gender sensitive interventions. As part of developing future leaders of our communities, youth will plan, implement and reflect on limited yet meaningful programming determined by the YAB.

    Be Youth Led, developing leadership skills; including parliamentary procedure, Strengths finder based leadership and Public Health 101.
  • Hold consistent, structured meetings, providing feedback on particular health and youth issues.
  • Plan, implement and reflect on meaningful projects. YAB will research, develop and implement projects (at least one annually) that will help to achieve greater awareness and change.
  • Focus on community building, projects will allow the YAB member to be creative and add value to the school and community settings.
  • Be a safe place for youth to have open discussions.
  • Be staffed by Lead Coordinators from PCPH


The YAB will:
Seek a diverse representation of youth in race, socioeconomic status, age, life experiences and formal/ informal leadership skills.    ·

  • Have 16-20 members from youth attending high schools {including the RRVJC as applicable) in Polk County {est. two students from each school). Goal is to have representation from all school districts in Polk County.
  • During inception/first year  {2018)  of the YAB, membership will include 8-10 members, with goal of one student from each high school in Polk County.
  • Grade requirement ranges from 9th - 12th grade. Recruitment for new members will be grades 9th - 11th grade.
  • Formal application process with recommendations from Public Health to the Polk County Board, board appointed membership and youth members will serve a two-year position.
  • Members will be eligible for a $25 per diem when attending YAB meetings.
  • After initial meeting, meeting times will be decided uniformly by the YAB.
  • After initial meeting, meeting sites will be established by the YAB.
  • Transportation plan will be established for each school/student.

YAB Member Roles and Responsibilities

  • Attend all meetings or notify YAB Coordinators if unable to attend. {Regular meetings will be scheduled four times during the school year. Two excused absences will be allowed, if more the YAB Coordinator may dismiss YAB member).
  • Lead or actively participate in meeting discussions and decision making processes
  • Elect Chair and/ or Co-Chairs following the recommended meeting guidelines
  • Designate a recording secretary to keep meeting minutes
  • Participate in leadership p building activities and/ or events
  • Execute outreach activities within the community of Polk. County
  • Act as representative of PCPH YAB
  • Maintain current enrollment in a Polk County School
  • Maintain communication with their school related to excused absences
  • Provide a current email account that will be checked regularly during the school year for meeting announcements  and updates