Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) serve as a technical resource to other departments and the general public by producing new and existing geographic data and maps. GIS is responsible for planning, development and implementation of the GIS database. GIS provides a cross-departmental visual approach for problem solving and a framework for cooperation between governments, the private sector and citizens.

Polk County maintains other layers of GIS data for the county. Please contact the Polk County GIS Department for inquiries.

GIS Interactive Mapping

Polk County teamed with ProWest and Associates to create an interactive map for the public to view and print GIS data. The data shown in this application is the best available GIS information for Polk County.

Open Data Portal

Open data is the idea that certain data should be freely available to everyone. The Open Data Portal site provides access to published open data for you to view, map, style, chart, download, or share.

Valuation Information

Polk County's Assessors Valuation site has been developed to give the public access to different types of property information.

E-911 Rural Addressing System

To increase the safety and security of residents of Polk County, the county has implemented an Enhanced 911 addressing system. Every road has been given a name, and every residence and/or primary structure within Polk County has been assigned a house number and a street address. 

Should you have an emergency; the E911 address will allow emergency service providers to locate you quickly.