Transfer Station

The Crookston Transfer Station is again open to the public and accepting wastes from self-hauling.  The only change to the Crookston transfer station facility is that recycling is now only accepted during normal business hours (Monday 7am-7pm) and (Tuesday-Friday 7am-5:30pm).  

Large yard waste loads must be dropped off prior to 6:30pm (Monday) and prior to 5:00pm (Tues-Friday).  Large yard waste loads after these times will be turned away from dumping at our facility.

Residents entering any portion of the facility must wear a face covering to protect our staff and other visitors from COVID-19.  We appreciate your cooperation during this difficult time and we aim to continue to provide our residents with all our services. 

The product exchange services are now open for HHW products available for residents to pickup at our facility.  Only one household may use the product exchange room at a time, no mixed households can be in this room as this room does not allow space for social distancing.

Crookston Transfer Station 218-281-6445 

The Polk County Transfer Station serves as the collection and consolidation point for the solid waste generated in Western Polk County. The Transfer Station accepts multiple small loads, screens, consolidates, and reloads materials into larger containers for shipment to final disposal markets.

All of the household garbage, whether delivered by a homeowner, business, or by garbage truck, is consolidated and shipped to the Polk County Waste-to-Energy Incinerator location in Fosston, Minnesota. Here the waste is burned in a permitted solid waste incinerator to achieve both volume and toxicity reduction. Ash, the byproduct of solid waste incinerators, is currently being landfilled.

Non-Burnable (Bypass) MSW

The non-burnable (bypass) MSW and demolition materials are handled in a similar manner. However, the bypass MSW is hauled to the Polk County Sanitary Landfill in Gentilly for disposal. A sanitary landfill differs from a "dump" (which is illegal) in that a sanitary landfill has a liner that prevents contamination from entering ground water and a leachate collection system to remove and treat the leachate. The demolition material is hauled to a separate area of the Gentilly Landfill and is disposed in accordance with State and Federal regulations.


Note* some bins are placed inside the building prior to closing to ensure our employees are done with work at the posted times above. Large Yard waste loads will not be accepted past 6:30pm Monday and past 5:00pm Tues-Friday. The Transfer Station is not open on the weekends, dropoffs will be prosecuted.

Transfer Station
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