Non-Titled Transfers

Transfer of Ownership

Transfer of ownership is completed on the vehicle registration card, or by a written bill of sale which include a complete vehicle description (year, make, model, and vehicle identification number), purchaser's name, and date of sale. All owners (sellers) and buyers must sign the bill of sale.

Application to Title / Register a Motor Vehicle

Purchaser must complete an Application to Title/Register a Motor Vehicle (PS2000). This means that when there will be more than one buyer both need to be present to sign the form. A form can also be picked up ahead of time for another party to sign and then the paperwork can completed and plates issued when the transaction is complete. Example of non-titled vehicle is a small trailer with a gross weight of under 3000 pounds..

Home-Made Trailer

For information on how to license a home-made trailer please call 218-218-5423 for details.