Polk County Aquatic Invasive Species Taskforce

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers Clean All Recreational Equipment. It’s the Law.

In 2015 Polk County formed an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Taskforce to help in the fight against aquatic invasive species within the County. The taskforce consists of members from all around the County and represents several different entities. 


Members include: 

  • Loren Abel - Maple Lake Improvement District
  • Al Bauer, Ken Pederson (Alternate) - East Polk SWCD Board
  • Nicole Bernd - West Polk SWCD
  • Scott Bixby, James Tadman - Polk County Sheriff’s Office
  • Margo Bowerman -Youth Development - UMN Extension
  • Daryl Halverson, Rolland Gagner (Alternate) - Union-Lake Sarah Improvement District representing Lake Sarah
  • Ashley Hitt - Red Lake Watershed District
  • Rachel Klein- East Polk SWCD
  • Joan Lee - Polk County Board
  • Richard Rock, Lonnie Paradis (Alternate) - Union-Lake Sarah Improvement District representing Union Lake
  • Ilane Rue, Steve Tischman (Alternate) - Polk County Township Association
  • Rich Sanders - Polk County Public Works
  • Jon Steiner, Jacob Snyder - Polk County Environmental Services

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The taskforce has been busy working on several projects focusing on education and public awareness this year. Billboards, public access signs, and a few promotional items have already been utilized to help spread the message about the threat that AIS poses in Polk County and around the state. The taskforce is hoping to accomplish many great things in the years to come.

New Staff

In 2020 the taskforce will hire 3- seasonal interns to help with AIS activities, mainly focusing on watercraft inspections at public water access sites around the County. The taskforce purchased 2- I-LIDS monitoring systems for Maple Lake and Union Lake in 2017. You can learn more about I-LIDS by reading our document (PDF).

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