Forfeited Property Currently for Sale

Payment Terms

Cash only

Special Assessments

The balance of any special assessments which were levied before the forfeiture and cancelled at forfeiture and which exceed the amount of the basic sale price may be reassessed by the municipality or agency. Contact the City/Township for further information.


Proof of Ownership. The buyer will receive a receipt at the time of the sale. The Department of Revenue will issue a state deed after full payment is made. Tax forfeiture can create a break in the chain of title, and services of an attorney may be necessary to make the title marketable.

Former Owners

Former owners must pay the sales price or the amount of delinquency, whichever is greater.


Data is subject to change due to appeals and corrections. Information about the sale of tax-forfeited land in Polk County can be obtained at the office of the Taxpayer Service Center.

Parcel NumberCity or TownshipPurchase PriceForfeited Year
None available at this time.