Asbestos$100 per ton plus $2 per ton surcharge
Compost$45 per ton
Demo$20 per ton plus $2 per ton surcharge

Due to the recent Presidential/Governors’ executive orders we are having to amend our current operations to provide basic essential services to the public. 

As of Noon 3/20/20 we are closing our lobby areas to the public, only County staff can enter our buildings until further notice.  It is our goal to continue to provide services with as little interruptions to your daily lives as possible. 

Currently we are still accepting bagged household garbage to individuals self- hauling to our facilities.  Please keep in mind we are trying to limit human interactions to help prevent the spread of viruses.  Residents using our services please practice social distancing while dropping off household wastes, recyclables or other materials.  

If you must bring our facility demolition or bypass materials we are only accepting these when social distancing can be accomplished.  Our staff cannot assist residents with loads and material sorting as normal.  Use the scale intercom systems, charge accounts and telephone office staff for questions of facility operations at this time.

Crookston Transfer Station 218-281-6445 Fosston Incinerator 218-435-6501

It is our goal to continue to allow recycling and self-haul bagged garbage services but things are changing so rapidly we will update as needed.

$65 per ton plus 17% SWM tax

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