Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP)

SHIP helps create wellness across Minnesota’s communities through community-driven, evidence-based, and equity-focused programs that tackle the root causes of chronic diseases. SHIP seeks to create sustainable, systemic changes in schools, worksites, communities and health care organizations that make it easier for Minnesotans to incorporate healthy behaviors into their daily lives. More workplace wellness programs are helping employees improve their health, which decreases healthcare costs for employers.


SHIP, an integral part of Minnesota's nation-leading 2008 health reform law, strives to help Minnesotans lead longer, healthier lives by preventing the chronic disease risk factors of tobacco use and exposure, poor nutrition and physical inactivity.

The Statewide Health Improvement Partnership


    • The objective is to increase walking and bicycling in our communities through safer routes to schools. Some examples include celebrating walk and bike to school days, as well as holding bike rodeos.  This allows more kids to get the physical activity they need to stay healthy.
    • This strategy is designed to increase healthy food access in our communities, this includes local farmers markets.  
    • We also work to create more breastfeeding opportunities in our communities, examples include providing breastfeeding (lactation spaces) at various community events, fairs, etc.
    • We strive to reduce and prevent commercial tobacco use, including e-cigarettes among youth and adults.
    • This strategy includes worksite wellness to help improve healthy eating, physical activity, breastfeeding support, and tobacco-free policies within businesses in our counties by implementing a comprehensive employee wellness initiative.  Activities may include access to healthy foods and opportunities for physical activity at the worksite, tobacco cessation support, or a private breastfeeding/lactation room.
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