Confidential Birth Records


Certain records are confidential and can only be obtained by specific people.

Pursuant to Minnesota Statute 144225, Subdivision 2, data pertaining to the birth of a child, to a woman who was not married to the child's father when the child was conceived, nor when the child was born, including the original certificate of birth and the certified copy, are confidential data unless the mother has designated the data as being public.


Confidential birth records are available only to:

  • The Commissioner of Human Services or authorized representative
  • The father named on the birth record
  • The individual on the birth record if the individual has reached the age of 16
  • An individual presenting a certified copy of a court order releasing the record to him/her
  • An individual with a written and notarized authorization from any of the persons mentioned
  • A legal guardian presenting a certified copy of guardianship papers
  • The mother named on the birth record